Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Other hobby

I was enjoying a great summer day fishing. And caught an 8 pound catfish. I was in a sundress and barefoot. That is how we do it in Kentucky. Oh you have to appreciate the good days. It was loads of fun. I did throw it back so it can keep growing.

Friday, September 11, 2015

WOW I did not know that picture was going to be so BIG!


Hi everyone,

I am so glad to be back online. I have had a lot going on and am getting my etsy shop CJW Design Village back up and ready to post new items. I had to close shop for awhile. My father had a bad wreck and I needed to help take care of him. And then my mother started having health issues. I took care of both of them for over a year. So my personal ventures where put on hold. Which was not a problem I was glad I could help.
I lost my mother on Nov. 23 2014. I miss her dearly. I was blessed in the fact that she passed on her terms just has she wanted at home in her own bed. And it was very peaceful. She had a love for beautiful things vintage and lots of jewelry. Which I was fortunate enough to inherit. I gained the love for crafting from my mother. And she had even hoped to open an etsy shop too. She did cross-stitching until she was no longer able to see to do the work.
I know we always hear this but do spend time with your loved ones and tell them now how much you care for them. I was fortunate to have that private time with my mother to talk and shop together before she was to ill. That is not always the case.
I want to end on a happy note. I hope to be posting weekly and invite you to join me.

Enjoy the day,